Thursday, 29 October 2009

Back ache

Two days of stripping Pudsey is back breaking, he started to look a bit shaggy so he was long over due for a good hair session, I'm sure he is feeling the benefits though, he now looks like a malinois with a kink, very cute !!!

Tomorrow im on half a day, yippee, I thought it would be nice to take the dogs out for the afternoon considering it gets dark so early, that way come the evening I will be able to sit down for the night without being mugged.

This week the Wallace and Gromit exhibition has been on at our local museum, I think they timed it to coincide with half term, it's free to all people so mum and me are going to have a nose on saturday. Wouldn't it be nice if we could train our dogs to be like Gromit, I wouldn't mind breakfast made for me, second thoughts, maybe not, I can just see Ronny and Zippy testing the goods before it landed on my lap.

I think the Crufts tickets went on sale today, not to long left, in fact 133 days to go (Kennel Club are counting the days on their site, im not a freak) at least we are on a Thursday this year, hopefully a lot quieter than the weekend. Another thing to start saving pennies for.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Perks of the job

Back to work already, what happens to these weekends? I think we should work two days and then have five off, that sounds much fairer. Still cant complain too much, tomorrow I'm off to London for a full days seminar in relation to my job, free tea and coffee all day with a nice big lunch in the middle, all paid for by work, yippee !!!

This morning I woke up aching, the dogs are certainly putting my fitness to the test, I'm really chuffed with their progress though, it definitely makes it all worth while. I can't believe it is nearly November already, time is flying by, next week Emma and me are attending a Dave Munnings training day, something that we have both been looking forward to, hopefully we will pick up some more tips that we can work on through the winter.

Anyway, I best go and sort the dogs, they are looking at me like they have never been fed.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Yes as you have probably guessed it was Zippy's 1st Birthday today and didn't he know it. He has been spoilt rotten, new toys along with lots of other things and finally ended the day with a big birthday cake, well a huge pork pie with a candle in it.

It was only fair that Ronny got to share it, if it wasn't for him, there would be no Zippy !!!

News in that Speedy got best dog at the Midland Counties Show today, congratulations to Jackie as I believe that was her first show with him, well done to Natalie and Reno too, great results for both of you.

Don't forget that the clocks go back tonight, it will be nice to enjoy the extra hour in bed without feeling guilty.

Happy Birthday 'W' Litter

Eva & Zippo

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Winter has arrived

Well it looks like the winter has arrived, the morning walks are now a comedy sketch in the dark, me and five shadows walking the field attempting to second guess where the dogs have deposited their goods. I can understand why people don't want to be dog lovers, what normal people get up at 5.30am to go for a walk in the rain, something I keep asking myself on a regular basis !!!

But you only have to look at their cheeky faces to see why we give up that extra hour in bed, what else could offer character in abundance, something that Jackie and me discuss on a regular basis at agility class.

This weekend Jackie and Natalie are taking their puppies Speedy and Reno to the Midland Counties Breed Show on saturday, good luck to you both, keep me updated with your results.

Hopefully the weather will be dry for the weekend, I'm taking the mob to the field for some more agility training, I've got a few more techniques that I want to try out on Ronny and Keisha, after the success of last week I'm hoping this weekend will be just as good.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Training has started

The training season has arrived and I have got a feeling this is going to be hard work. Nope not due to the dogs but the lack of my fitness, I'm absolutely knackered and I've only done two sessions. I decided it was only fair to give Pudsey ago so five hours later and I'm ready to sit down.

On the plus side all the doggies were brilliant. Pudsey and Zippy are now doing great straight lines and tunnel work. My aim with Kody is to crack the flick flacks, something that we weren't good at, which we have now mastered and something we can continue to polish up on. With Ronny and Keisha I really wanted to push them so we are now doing lots of hard jumping sequences, I've had a few new tips which I worked on and it works great, hopefully by the start of next season it will all be in place, well I can dream cant I ???

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What alarm

This morning was a complete drama. For some reason my alarm didn't go off, or I turned it off, or I didn't set it, who knows, but subsequently what I usually do in an hour I had to do in 20 mins. Thankfully the dogs were well behaved this morning, usually they seem to know that you are running late and take extra long to empty their systems, but it was a quick dash about the field and back in. For once I was organised and had already ironed my shirt so it was pretty much grab my bag and the dogs and out the door.

After a few hectic weeks at work it seems to have calmed down, either that or they are secretly stashing all my work and it will land on my desk in one big heap tomorrow. I cant believe I have been in post for 8 months, where has the time gone. After 10 years working shifts it was a complete shock to finally work a 9-5 job. The first few weeks I had to keep walking around the office as I was falling asleep at my desk, getting up every morning at the same time was mind blowing. Obviously I have since adapted (boss if your reading I don't fall asleep anymore) and absolutely love the new life style.

The knock on effect to that is the dogs have regular training now, I am currently putting in place our winter training plan. Tonight me and the 5 dogs did some waits in front of the jump (individually of course) after Keisha broke her wait at the WC qualifier and got us eliminated I thought it was time to sort the problem out. It just goes to show what naughty habits I have let the dogs get into.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend has been non stop, but definitely one I wouldn't mind doing again.

Saturday Keisha and me headed off for the first selection day of the WC qualifier. It was nice to catch up with all the Belgian people and of course all the Belgians !!!
Before we started we were allowed a minute practice on the FCI tyre jump and weaves, something that I was concerned about as I wasn't sure how Keisha would react to them. Thankfully for me she didn't react at all and took them without any hesitation.
Anyway our first agility run went well, she got all her contacts and just knocked one pole, so a good start to the day. The second run didn't go so well, she broke her wait and I just couldn't save it, subsequently getting eliminated, she was a bit naughty in that round and in fact it almost seemed like she had borrowed Ronny's brain. A quick team talk and half an hour in the van to rest seemed to do the trick. In the afternoon she then did two great jumping runs and managed a clear in both. So a great day for us both, I must admit, I really enjoyed the courses, quite challenging and they do seem to suit Keisha and me.

Today was Zippy's first agility class and it was brilliant fun. We did straight lines and a few easy turns and he was such a good boy. We tried the tunnel for the first time but Zippy wasn't keen !!!
Unfortunately it didn't last long and now he is completely happy to run through it, especially if his toy is at the other end.
Speedy was a good boy, he is tunnel mad already (I cant think who that reminds me of).
I cant wait until next week, I think Jackie and me are going to need energy pills.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Zippy Success

I appreciate its a bit late (considering he passed it in May) but today Zippy's certificate and Rosette arrived in the post, this was his first ever rosette, hopefully there will be a few more to follow.

I'm quite excited about the weekend, Zippy starts his agility class on sunday. He is really keen so hopefully it wont take long until we can get a jumping sequence going. Its times like this when I sit back and really appreciate how well Ronny and Keisha have come on, how they can just read my body language and take jumps and weave entries at a request (just got to get those contacts now).
Saturday is fast approachin hopefully Keisha and me will be in tune with each other, we get a quick practice before the selection runs start which is great, apparently there is a different style tyre jump which might confuse Keisha. During the day we get 4 runs, 2 x agility 2 x jumping, the aim is not to get eliminated and run consistently throughout the day. Ive been informed its run like a normal agility comp and you get points for what place you get, which later decides who will get selected for the team. There are two selection days, obviously the first is this weekend followed by the 2nd selection day in March, it will be after that when you find out if you have made the team.

Looking at the list of hopefuls there are alot of good quality dogs and handlers, considering it is our first year of trying I will be happy if we can just be consistent and get around the courses and of course enjoy our day!!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Keisha has qualified for the ABC

For the first time ever one of my dogs has finally qualified for the ABC, I was hoping one day I would get my chance and thanks to my reliable Keisha we have finally made it to the Semi's next year, which means I have got lots of time to sort the contacts out.

A good weekend all round, Keisha had a 4th in C4-5 jumping and an 8th in C4-5 agility, couldn't really get our act together in the graded classes. The video below is Keisha in her jumping this morning, not her best run and for some reason jumping a bit high.

Ronny had another silly weekend, I'm actually quite glad the season has come to an end, he has started to jump his contacts and has gone back to superman-ing off the see-saw, it doesn't matter how many times I put him back on or tell him off, he is just incredibly head strong and when he thinks he is right there is just no stopping him. If anyone thinks they have got a hard dog then you certainly haven't met Ronny.

Saying all that, after 8 out of 9 eliminations he finally pulled it out of the bag in his last jumping round to finish 5th, admittedly it was a bit messy but when I walked the course I never thought I was going to get him round anyway, it just proves he can listen from time to time.

So not to fall behind with our training, Zippy and me managed a couple of good sessions in our garden. I took a jump with us this weekend and managed to utilise it at the show. Thankfully mum was on hand to take some good pictures.

Got to keep up with Jackie and Speedy !!!

So that's it, the season is now officially over, it has flown by this year.

Keisha and me are off to the World Champs qualifier next weekend, hopefully I can keep my head and just have some fun.