Monday, 31 October 2011

Quick catch up

I keep meaning to update this blog but I never seem to get chance, lots happening at the moment but I promise I will try harder !!!
Well the first bit of news is I passed my judges course so I can now officially judge at KC Shows, I have already received and accepted two judging appointments for next year, it's so very exciting and I cant wait to get started.

BSD WC selection day is fast approaching, im sticking with my initial thoughts and plan to do very little with Keisha, I have a few training days coming up so I might get her out to practice a contact or two but that will be it, I think the rest will do her good and make her more motivated. Zippy on the other hand is the only dog in action at the moment, his training is going great and he is looking so confident in himself, we are still working on our A-Frame contact but it is definitley a step in the right direction. We had our first FCI type training day on saturday which he worked brilliantly at, the next one is planned for two weeks time and im already looking forward to it.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Zippy

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Zippy

Happy 3rd birthday to all the Kronik Kidz
 love daddy Ronny

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Training has started

Training has started, well for Zippy anyway, Ronny and Keisha will remain on rest for another month or so, im planning on giving them two a proper break and enjoy the slower pace of life for a few more weeks, walks and swimming is all thats on their agenda.
Zippy started back training last week, with the WC qualifier next month I want to work on his contacts, I have decided to change from a running A-Frame and use the 2o2o instead, its just not practical with the time I have to get the required amount of training needed for running contacts. So far so good, although its only been a week he is already showing great progress.
Next week im on my judges course, im really looking forward to it, ive just got to find some time to sit down and read the pre-course work, finding any spare moment at the minute is pretty impossible, it wont be long until Christmas is upon us, eek !!!