Wednesday, 28 September 2011

End of the season

Wow where did that last month go .......... ive been a really rubbish blogger.

Time for a quick catch up, over the last month we've had some good results, Ronny was running really well and gained quite a few places a couple of 5th places and yet another 2nd in agility, I hate 2nd place we definitely have the curse for that one, I would much prefer a 3rd or 4th or something, obviously that last win to go G7 would have been ideal but just not the dreaded 2nd place.

Zippy and me were just starting to come back into form, it's a shame the season has finished for us now, he has ran some really lovely rounds and is running so much faster, im already planning our winter training so we can come out strong for next year.

So now we will be on a month's rest, it will be nice to do nothing and not even think about agility, im sure the dogs will enjoy there rest and come back keen for their winter training. We have our BSD WC selection day at the end of November so we will be working towards that as part of our winter plan.

Next month im doing my judging course, I got fed up with my UP contacts constantly being marked which I think is completely unfair, it is obvious discrimination against large striding dogs, how can you fault a dog for running their natural stride pattern ??? Do they get time taken off when they have to crouch to go through tunnels or bend in two to get through the weaves, NO of course not so why should they be asked to shorten and slow down to get those UP's, I appreciate the safety with dogs jumping on from the side etc but that's a different thing all together surely ???

Anyway ......... now ive had my rant, Ive decided to do the judging course and give something back to the sport I enjoy and give those large striding dogs a fairer chance of winning !!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dog Vegas

Dog Vegas went well, the weather was a bit cloudy but generally stayed dry, I think we were lucky after I heard Wyre was cancelled on the saturday due to bad weather. Some good results from the weekend, Keisha is back in hormone land, more interested in sniffing the floor than actually running, very frustrating considering this was her first G7 show, when she could be bothered she gained a 3rd and 4th in her jumping classes so it wasn't a complete disaster.
The boys were much easier to run, I always know im going to get a 100% drive in the ring so it is just a matter of getting them round. Ronny had some cracking rounds, he gained a 3rd in jumping and then also finished joint 2nd in another class, I opted out of the run off, he's not the most reliable and it was our 5th day of competing, tired legs is just asking for an unnecessary injury !!! He also did me over twice in his agility rounds, running two cracking courses to only go and knock the last pole on both occasions, very heart breaking, then on top of that he ran a super agility round being judged by Lee Gibson to only get marked on his DW up contact (you know my feelings about up contacts being marked) what made it worse is that he would have won the class by 3 seconds, bummer !!!

Zippy and me are finally starting to run well together again, unfortunately we could only manage it in the combined 6-7 classes which I know we should strive to beat the best but he is still only a youngster and when he is only getting beat by G7 dogs it would be nice to get that win, however, ive noticed im moaning alot in this post so im going to stop. He was a good boy and im grateful that he loves his agility and that we are finally working well as a team again. :-)