Monday, 22 August 2011

For the last two weeks ........

Well for the last couple of weeks it's been a very busy one. After Scunthorpe Show the riots had started which meant I was working a minimum of 12 hour shifts (usually more), unfortunately the dogs had to take a back seat, I think I only shared their company during our dinner and bed time as the remainder I was just working, this also affected the weekend and we were unable to go to the agility show as planned, work can be hard at times and it is very annoying when it interferes with my social life, still plenty of overtime which means I have enough money to but some new agility equipment !!!

Now with everything pretty much back to normal we were able to go to Dashin Dogs this weekend, Emma and me had entered the Laser pairs which was great fun, Rupert and Zippy were the first pair who ran amazingly well to get to the second round, these two are gonna be great pairs partners in the future. Maisy and Ronny were our second pair, they are so much fun, we managed to get all the way to the quarter finals before stupid me pulled Ronny out of the weaves which was our only mistake, they were fantastic.

This was Keisha's last G6 show, on friday she won G6 jumping and then had a 4th and 8th on sunday. Ronny had only one clear but made it count by winning G6 Jumping yesterday, what a clever boy.

Still having problems with Zippy, in-experience, keen-ness and his young strong mind is causing us to have timing issues, great fun to run but just not very accurate yet, saying that we did manage to get round the jumping class yesterday to finish 6th behind Ronny. The running A-Frame is truly lost, to be expected considering we haven't trained it for many months now, I have retrieved it from the field today and set it up in the garden to try and retrain it, im off for the next two weeks so hopefully we will have it back in time for the ABC semi next week.

Emma and Rupert have had a brilliant weekend as Dashin Dogs, on Saturday they won G3 agility by two seconds taking them straight into G4 after only being out on the circuit for 7 weeks, then just to confirm it wasn't a fluke they went and did it again yesterday. Maisy also gained a 4th in her jumping class so definitely a weekend she will remember for a long time. Congratulations x

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Scunthorpe Show

Out of the 24 runs this weekend we managed 20 x big fat E's, 2 x 5F and 2 clears. I guess you could say we weren't really in tune with each other.

Well ........ Ronny was just Ronny, really hard to run this weekend we didn't seem to get it right at all, even in our last jumping round today he ended up back jumping the jump two obstacles from the end, mind I did have 3 clears out of him last weekend so I guess im in for a bit of a wait until the next clear round comes along.

Keisha, well even we struggled to get our timing right, ive put the jumping round that we did today on the video below, we got right to the end when she took the last but one pole and then ran past the last fence, it was a tough course and I think there was actually only 2 clears, her best run came yesterday when she won the ABC qualifier.

Zippy, again massive timing issues between us especially in the jumping rounds, we have also lost our running A-Frame but I guess that is to be expected seems as we haven't trained it since Feb/Mar time. Zippy won the G6 agility yesterday so it wasn't all bad, we are still battling with young in-experienced moments by him but overall he is really starting to come on.