Monday, 25 April 2011

Break through .........

So this weekend was our annual show for the WBSDS, it was really hard work ring managing for two days but it was so much fun, I had two lovely judges and my ring party were fab so thank you very much for helping. On top of that we had beautiful sunshine and lots of Easter eggs to keep us going over the three days. Like all the other Belgian handlers I didn't get to see my doggies very much and it seemed I just met them at the ring, ran them and handed them back over to mum so she could take them back to the caravan.

After saying all that it sounds like my weekend was a disaster for running my dogs, well it actually turned out to be the opposite, my doggies were all amazing and we have been a bit greedy ........

I had a few timing issues with Zippy this weekend, we managed to clock up quite a few refusals, I think he is reading my body language so much quicker now that he is starting to catch me out, you will be able to see this on some of his video clips, he is turning into Ronny more and more (how exciting). When we got it right we had some amazing rounds, saturday was his best day winning G5 agility and 2nd in jumping, we didn't film on this day it's sods law isn't it !!!

Keisha was a good girlie this weekend 3 x 2nds, 3 x 3rds, 2 x 6ths and a 7th in the ABC qualifier, we had some really nice runs, I got lost on a couple of her rounds, I think the sun must have got to my head but apart from that we worked well as a team, she is such a lovely dog to run, thanks Ratty x

Ronny ...... this is the break through ......... a clear round every day this weekend, not just a clear but three cracking places, on friday he won G6 jumping so we are now half way to G7, Ronny and Keisha are at the same point so if any of them get to G7 im wondering who will be the first, my money is on Ronny !!! I know your all a bit shocked that I just wrote that but he is such a different dog at the minute.

Then on saturday he got 3rd in C6-7 Jumping and on sunday he got 5th in G6 jumping, all of which were really tricky courses, mum got his winning run on video.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Zippy has zoomed into 6

The weather this weekend was fantastic, we were at Lincolnshire agility show and the sun was out all weekend, it was a lovely venue and we actually ended up with a pitch right near the rings. Saturday Keisha ran some lovely rounds, gaining a 9th and a 13th in agility, Ronny had some good runs but we had to do a lot of training this weekend, he broke his wait so I had to put him back which got us eliminated (he then went clear, typical !!!) He had the first pole in another class other wise that would have been clear too, his agility was fantastic, his contacts were solid so im sooooooo chuffed with him, he is finally starting to respect me !!!

But the little star of the show has to be Zippy, he won his agility class today which now puts him up to G6, I was hoping to keep him in G5 for a while but I guess Zippy has other ideas, he then went on to get 2nd in his C4-5 jumping class, he is such a good boy. I was on my own this weekend so no video's of the runs, Kate took these pictures of Zippy in his winning agility run so thankyou very very much.

Well done to the other Kronik Kids this weekend and the handlers of course, they are all looking good, im so proud of you all.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring @ Shuttleworth

I am so glad to be back in the agility season, we had such a great few days and I can wait to do it all again this weekend. So Spring @ Shuttleworth turned out to be a very busy show for us, I was helping on saturday and ended up being the ring manager on sunday which although it was great fun it was also quite stressful trying to get my dogs run. Saying all that my doggies wee fantastic and it ended up being a successful show for us.

Zippy kicked us off on saturday with a lovely jumping round to finish third and then followed it up with another 3rd in BSD agility. Keisha had some really nice rounds in her agility and jumping to gain an 8th and 9th and also a 3rd in BSD jumping.

The star of the show for me was Ronny !!! He was such a good boy, he ran some lovely rounds, knocked one pole in his jumping and two in his agility, admittedly he did turn his DW into a running contact without my permission on two occasions but apart from that he was surprisingly very very focussed on me. He ended up winning the ABC helter Skelter and the BSD Jumping and also gained a 7th in C4-7 jumping which he lost by a second and that was down to me giving him a late command and making him turn the wrong way, naughty mummy !!!

Here are a couple of the runs we managed to catch on camera.

Well done to Amy on her brilliant 5th and 6th place this weekend with Summer and all those other clears that you got, well done to Ellen for your 15th with Hamish and a big well done to Emma and Maisy who had some fantastic rounds this weekend, I managed to catch a couple of them and they looked brilliant, I think it was a good weekend for everyone !!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Im counting down ........

One more day at work then we start our agility season, it will be great to catch up with everyone again, it seems a lot longer than 6 months !!!

We are at Spring @ Shuttleworth this weekend, I love this venue and what makes it even better is the sun is supposed to be shinning all weekend. We plan to arrive early friday afternoon, get the caravan set up and sort the dogs before Keisha and me have to scoot over to one of the rings for the BSD WC training.

The doggies are all ready to go, Ronny had been suffering with his stopper pad, im not sure how he did it but he sliced half of it off, it finally looks like it has fully mended, due to this I hadn't been able to do much agility training with him, I took him last sunday to club to refresh his memory, he was a bit wild but thats nothing new, im expecting him to be the same this weekend, I guess it's nice to have a dog that makes you work really hard for those clears, im just far too spoilt with Keisha and Zippy !!!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all this weekend, good luck and I hope you all have a brilliant season x

Friday, 1 April 2011

Last night's course

Last nights course ............ What a run !!!

This was so much fun, we split it up into three to practice the sequences and then ran the course at the end of the night. It was a good course to test direction control, the ability for the dog to work ahead and another mean weave entry.

I'm loving Zippy, he is so much more confident and doesn't hesitate to run straight past me and keep going, I found it hard to steer him from the A-Fame into the tunnel especially with him running the contact, we did crack it though, I wouldn't normally use his name but on this occasion I chucked it in as he landed jump 8 to get him to turn his head from the flat tunnel and also the left side of the rigid tunnel. The rest he ran beautifully, I love the fact I can send him and hang back and not worry about the fact he might take a pole, it allows me to get in such a better postion to help him around the course, it's like having a sensible Ronny !!!