Sunday, 27 April 2008

WBSDS Agility show Sunday 27 April 08

We all had a fantastic weekend at Newbury WBSDS with Ronny opening the show for us on Saturday with a fantastic clear round in grade 3 jumping and placed 5th, plus he also got best Belgian Shepherd dog award in that class. Keisha also ran in the same class and placed 20th, which was fantastic as she only started racing in September an went straight into to grade 3 as Ronny had won them out. Ronny and Keisha carried on with the good day with Keisha gaining another clear round in Grade 3-4 jumping. Sunday started with Ronny doing his own thing and knocking the course about a bit, Keisha however had another clear round and placed 11th in grade 3 agility which was the last race of the weekend.
All in all we had a really fabulous weekend.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Flyball competion at Portway, Sunday 20 April 08

Ronny ran with the rest of the team 'Leamington Royals' today in division 3, British Flyball Association (BFA). They had some tuff competition as they were seeded top and were racing teams they had never raced before. Unfortunately the ‘Royals’ hadn’t ran with each other since February so we were in for a hard day. The morning started great with the team winning three out of three races and were running times of 19.96 and 19.74 seconds. After lunch they went straight into it and won their fourth race in a time of 19.34 seconds and just had to beat the number two seeded team, Podantics, to win the division. The Podantics were running faster race times of 18 seconds during the day and were set to beat us as our best time ever was 19.07 seconds so the tension was high, for the adults anyway, as you can imagine the dogs just wanted to run and play ball. The dogs ran absolutely fantastic and improved their time to 19.24 seconds in the first leg, the Podantics then won the 2nd leg followed by the third, we then won the forth which made the last leg the decider. The dogs set off, Ronny ran first crossed by Maisey, Snoop followed for the third leg and passed to Toby who ran the last, that was it, we had won, 19.14 seconds! What a fantastic day, it didn’t matter that it rained most of the day, the dogs loved it and we set our fastest time of this year.

Whilst Ronny raced we had time to relax!