Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 goals and dreams .............

Well where to start .......
2011 came and flew by, such a successful year for us, I blogged about it during the year so im not going to repeat anything, just like to say how proud and fortunate I feel owning such amazing dogs.

2012 ........... I am truly looking forward to this year, already so much planned and we are only in January, I have entered our first show of the season so it's a sign the season is not that long away.
Training is going really well, Ronny is looking brilliant I just hope we can convert it into competition, I have no intentions on letting this dog down this year I know he is incredibly hard work but boy he is worth it.
I haven’t done much with Keisha, I really think doing less is giving us more, she is absolutely flying when I do get her out in training and it is so nice to see her enthusiasm back.
Zippy is my little star, he really pulls at my heart strings and to be honest a dog that can’t do nothing wrong :-) we have been training lots and I am so chuffed with where we are at, it’s amazing to see the amount of progress we have made over the last 12 months, very exciting times ahead for us.

Well our goals and dreams for 2012

Ronny: Just to run consistently well rather than consistently bad, he needs one agility win to go Grade 7 and boy that would be the ultimate dream for us, he will be 8 this year so I feel time will shortly be running out to be able to keep up with the best, maybe I should have set that as the goal but for those of you who know us know how difficult a clear round is to get with Ronny.

Keisha: Our goal for this year is to keep our enthusiasm, we will hopefully be entering the Champ Classes so that will be a good experience, our goal is to try and make the final, the dream ....... well Keisha is one of the dogs im taking to Italy for the BSD WC and it would be amazing if we could get a medal in the team event, I think the team has a really good chance this year.

Zippy: Well I would love to get him to Grade 7, that’s the goal I have set and if possible I would like to do it at the start of the season to give us a chance of trying to compete in Champ, my dream is to get him to the final of the BSD WC in Italy.
Other things planned for this year ............ I have been asked to judge at a few shows so im really looking forward to that, I have agreed Beacon and Nottingham so far, unfortunately I can’t plan anything during July to September as we are not allowed any annual leave during the Olympics.
Good luck to all my friends for 2012 I hope you have a successful season xxx