Sunday, 29 June 2008

Midland Counties Agility

Well, you know I said last week it would take us a long time to have another good weekend like that,
I lied..........

Over this weekend Ronny had 3 x 1st places, Keisha had 3 x 3rd places and 2 x 6th places, as you can probably guess im beaming from ear to ear and I am extremely proud and honoured to have such brilliant doggies!!!

Ronny won his jumping on the Saturday with a terrific run, it was tunnel terrors so Ronny was in heaven as that is his favourite piece of equipment.
Keisha had 3 out of 4 clears on Saturday, her jumping and tunnel terrors classes she placed 6th, then she ran a perfect round in her helter skelter jumping to place 3rd.

Sunday Keisha opened the day with an amazing run in her jumping, her turns are really starting to get tight and her general speed is just getting better and better. Ronny then added with a brilliant clear in his jumping round which focused on weaves, I think the course included doing them 5 times, Ronny did the weaves so quick he snapped one of the poles during the last set, mind he went that quick he won the class by just under 10 seconds!
Keisha then claimed her last 3rd place in her agility with a fantastic run, her A-Frame could have been quicker so I guess we will be working on that in training this week.
Ronny then finished the day with a fantastic win in his jumping class, his speed is awesome, thankfully he will run on and leave me behind otherwise I would just slow him down.

Six brilliant trophies to add to our cabinet, its starting to look like a proper trophy cabinet now!!!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

EMDAC Agility Show

This show was hosted by EMDAC, it was not an open show so no winning out this time, it included the normal agility rounds but with the added attractions of dash and splash, clever dogs, frisbee challenge and a pay on the day agility class.

It was a superb venue but the weather on the Saturday was horrible, rain all day, Sunday was no better with gail force winds.

That's it, it's confirmed our dogs like the bad weather!!!!!

4 x 1st places, 2 x 3rd, 1 x 5th and if that wasn't enough 1 x 1st in Dash and splash, 1 x 1st in water retrieve, 1 x 2nd in water retrieve, 1 x 6th in water retrieve.

The dogs were just fantastic this weekend, on Saturday Ronny opened the show with an amazing run, winning his agility round and beating the next dog by three seconds, Keisha put in a brilliant performance in her agility with the best weaves ive seen her do so far, and placed 5th, the day was then topped off by Ronny winning his jumping class, it was a fantastic smooth run and he was listening like a hawk!

We then headed down to the Dash and Splash pool so the dogs could have a play and a relax. We entered Ronny in the water retrieve, a timed event of a minute to see how many toys they could retrieve out of the pool, Ronny managed 11, which placed him 2nd!

Nige and me sat in our caravan last night reviewing our day, what a fantastic day. Nige's last words before bed were "I bet we won't beat that tomorrow" !!!

Keisha started off with her jumping class today, what a fantastic little dog she has become, every time I run her she just gets better and better, she just wants to please so much and she thoroughly deserved her 3rd place! Ronny then did his jumping round with an awesome run, he just powers through his weaves as if they don't exist, hardly leaves any room for error over the jumps and constantly runs like Linford Cristie, 1st place. Keisha's other jumping class was the last one of the day, she showed no sign of tiredness and ran her round perfectly to claim another 3rd place.

Nige then ran Ronny in the pay on the day class, it was a brilliant run by both of them, Ronny really listened and Nige, who is a new handler, ran the course really well, would you believe me if i told you they got 1st place.

Well that was it, down to the dash and splash pool to relax after a hard day's work. We entered baby Kody and Nige in the water retrieve, Kody's tail didn't stop wagging and he managed to retrieve 5 toys which put him in 6th place, Ronny was also entered with me, we scored 12 toys which gave us first position. Dash and splash, which is Ronny's favourite, was the last event we entered today, I filmed Ronny's winning performance which is just below, for a big dog he can turn very quickly.

I think it will be a long time until we can match this weekends performance.

Monday, 16 June 2008

News Update !

Ronny's hip scores are back 4:0 = 4 which is fantastic news

Ronny is being mated to Bonvivant Habibi (Chamonix) pictured left.

Bonvivant Habibi can be seen on both the breeders and owners blogs, Bonvivant Belgians and Witherbark Belgians, which can be accessed via my links.

Chamonix is due in season at the end of the month/beginning of July.

Taking bookings for the above litter, please contact myself or Jan Ralph at the Bonvivant Belgian Kennels for details.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Golden Valley Agility Show

This weekend we were in Worcestershire at the Golden Valley show. The weather was fantastic and Nige and me both got sun burnt. On Saturday Nige and me did pairs with Ronny and Keisha, unfortunately it didn't go so well, I ran first with rocket Ronny who ended up getting eliminated as he took the wrong jump, Nige and Keisha were no better who also ended up getting eliminated on exactly the same jump, Keisha did give him some stick as Nige kept getting lost on the course, she barked at him the whole way round saying "Stupid daddy" !!!!

The day did get better though, Keisha had her first top ten placing in the ABC agility Grade 1-7, she was laying 3rd for most of the class but unfortunately got knocked down to 5th by two dogs who ran near the end of the class. Never mind though, what a fantastic run, she looked like she had Ronny's rocket legs stuck on!

Today we started off with the team event, Nige ran Keisha, I ran Ronny and our other friends made up the team with their dogs Snoop and Dre. It started off well with Snoop getting a clear, Ronny ran second who unfortunately got eliminated as he took the wrong jump, Keisha went third ran by Nige who got their first ever clear together and Dre ran last who unfortunately had poles, although we didn't win we had bags of fun and the dogs thought it was brilliant.

Ronny went on to get a clear in his jumping, he did lots of spinning near the end of the course and lost loads of time, he was placed 29th in the class, from 1st to 29th place it was split by only 3 seconds, what could he have done if he didn't do all that spinning !

Keisha then ended the day with a fantastic clear in her agility placing 19th, she is really coming on now and her speed has dramatically improved, she will soon be challenging her big brother!


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Market Harbour Flyball Feb 2008

I was searching through my email and came across this flyball clip. It was when the Leamington Royals and Leamington Hurricanes were racing at Market Harbour back in February this year.

Ronny runs the third leg on this occasion. Watch for the lead he makes on the opposite team. Don't blink or you will miss him !!!!!

Sorry about the quality but it was recorded on a mobile phone and then downloaded onto the computer.

Keisha runs the second leg in her team on this occasion. She is not as fast as Ronny, well not yet anyway!

Brickyard Bandits will run their first competition in July at Rotherham, hopefully we will be able to get a helpful person to film the dogs so I can put it on the blog.

Watch this space ......

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Thames Agility Show

Picture's are of Keisha in action
This weekend must have been the hottest yet, a lovely sunny setting overlooking 13 rings, I think this is the biggest show we have attended this year. It had it all, championship ring, Olympia qualifier, crufts qualifier and also pedigree pairs. All the big guns were in attendance and we were in for a hard show. Ronny didn't manage a clear this weekend having a single pole down in each class, he was brilliant though, really listening and of course running like Linford Cristie. Keisha had a brilliant weekend, she ran a lovely round in her jumping and got a clear and today she ran a fantastic Grade 3-5 agility round and placed 21st, brilliant achievement against some top quality dogs.

After a hard weekend of racing we all deserved an ice cream, unfortunately we didn't get chance to take a pic of Ronny and Keisha with their ice cream as they had eaten it so quick, Kody on the other hand savoured his and licked every last bit.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Kenilworth Castle walk

The weather is not brilliant today so I thought a nice long walk at the castle would cheer us all up. The dogs loved running through the long wet grass, Keisha and Kody always go tearing off across the field to try and find the biggest puddles, Ronny finds the nearest thing he can carry, usually it's a stick!

During the walk we were met by some cows, Kody thought they were great, couldn't understand why they didn't want to play toy!

We stopped off at the brook so the dogs could have a quick play, good opportunity to wash some of the mud off them.

Hopefully the weather will brighten up for the weekend, we are going to Newbury for the Thames agility show. Ronny is doing pairs with Kiah (Bonvivant Noisette) owned by Grace, Keisha is pairing up with Snoop a Collie who used to run for the Leamington Royals flyball team. Mind if the weather stays grim then you never know, Ronny and Keisha might do well again !!!!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hinckley Agility Show

This weekend's agility show was hosted by our own club, the weather was great, I even got a little bit sun burn on my neck on Saturday. The show started off well with both Ronny and Keisha getting a clear in there jumping, unfortunately neither of them got placed. Then all the classes after that were a disaster, Ronny kept knocking poles and Keisha was just as bad, it was only on the last class of the day Keisha managed a clear in her agility, it wasn't fast mind, we got a bit tangled up after the A-Frame but we managed to save it.
Never mind we had a brilliant show and the atmosphere was great.