Monday, 31 August 2009

Weekend Results

Wow, what a weekend I have had, sadly no flyball this weekend as we didn't get in so three days of agility it was.

I wasn't too sure of what to expect as I thought the dogs would probably be tired from the week at Dashin Dogs, on saturday and sunday I must admit Ronny was knocking quite a few poles and mainly the first one so we were never in with a chance. Keisha had a good day and gained a fifth in her agility on saturday and then followed up with a super run in her C4-7 jumping class, just missing out on the top ten but beat lots of grade 6 and 7 dogs so I was really really chuffed.

Kody had his first top ten placing on sunday in the G3 jumping and then had 17th in his C1-3 jumping so a great day for him too.

Today we were at Stoneleigh, a nice late start for us as its only 5 mins from our house. All the dogs performed well today, Kody had another 2 clear rounds and Ronny had a great day too, he had a clear in his jumping but lots of wide turns cost us and we finished out the placings, he had a great run in his helter skelter but slipped just before the jump and took a pole out, other than that he was clear and would have won by a few seconds.

But the highlight of the day was Keisha, she ran a lovely jumping course to finish in 1st place, we finally have our fist win of the year, hopefully we have broken that curse of the dreaded seconds and thirds !!!

Massive congratulations to Emma and Maisy for finally getting that clear round in the G1 Jumping and of course finishing in first place by over two seconds, I told you it wouldnt be long, yippee !!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dashin Dogs update

Hi everyone, just arrived back from Dashin Dogs and what a fantastic week we have all had. Some great results over the week, Keisha has been the main star gaining three 3rd places, several 4ths 5ths 8ths. Ronny also had some great results, he had a 3rd in his agility and a 3rd today in his G5-7 jumping, not to be out done Kody also had a good stack of clear rounds and even managed a couple of placings which was great.

I must admit I'm glad to be back home, my legs are truly tired and I don't think I could have run anymore, the dogs just seem to keep going and going and going ......

Anyway I have only allowed myself one day of rest as this weekend we are off to Dordale on saturday and I think we have got flyball on sunday at Stoneleigh but I just need to confirm with Emma if we got in.

Talking of rest, we did have a day off on monday during Dashin Dogs and I decided to take my mob to the beach. The dogs had a brilliant day and it was really hard trying to get them in the water, NOT !!!

I have put a few pictures on further down the blog and will post a few more through out the week.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dashin Dogs

That's it, I've finished work and the time has finally come to leave for the Dashin Dogs Agility Show.

I am heading off early tomorrow morning in the hope of being fully set up for when the show starts at lunch time, I have really been looking forward to this show and it will allow me to have some good quality time with the dogs.

On monday it is a designated rest day and I have planned a day at the beach, the dogs absolutely love the water so I don't think it will be too hard to tempt them in the sea, I've packed my camera so hopefully I will get some good footage.

Anyway I suppose I should get off and finish packing, I will update the blog next week when I'm back, don't work to hard !!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

KC Festival update

Good results from the weekend, on friday Keisha had a really lovely run in her agility and finished 4th just missing out again by a whisker, she is in great form at the moment and hopefully that 1st place wont be too far away.

Kody also had a great weekend, he got a clear in his jumping on friday and finished in 21st which was great, he also had another lovely clear on saturday so it is really starting to come together nicely.

This weekend Ronny has been great just really silly errors caused by me, the clip below is of Ronny in his jumping and stupid me called him off the tunnel and got him a refusal. On saturday I missed walking his jumping course and it was a really tight twisty course not suited to him at all, however I decided I would run it and give it a go, I'm definitely considering not walking his courses anymore as we got a clear, admittedly it was very messy and we wasted so much time but I was really chuffed as he was really listening and kept all the poles up, we finished in 13th which was great!!!

Emma also had a great weekend, see her blog for the clip of Maisy, she didn't have any clears but it was very very close, I'm really confident it will come very soon.

Congratulations to Ellen and Hamish for their jumping win and well done on your really lovely run in the YKC jumping qualifier to finish 7th, another great result.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

KC Festival

It's a bit of a manic rush tonight, tomorrow the dogs, mum and me are of to the KC Festival for the agility show, I'm currently in the middle of rushing around trying to pack, thankfully I've just hooked the caravan up so that's one less job to do.

This week has been quite successful in getting all the dogs to their agility lessons, kody had a really good session on tuesday and is now running flat out at the see-saw, he is beaming with confidence and it is such a nice thing to see. Wednesday Keisha and Ronny both had great classes too, Keisha is her normal easy self to run and her turns are really tight, her contacts are always amazing in training so lets hope she can hold them for the weekend. Ronny's lesson was brilliant, lets just say i came away a very happy mummy !!!

Monday, 10 August 2009

News Round

What a lovely change to the weather I think we have seen summer come and go over the last three days but at least we got something !!!

I have managed to get loads of stuff done this weekend (maybe it was a blessing in disguise not getting into Scunthorpe) I managed to get some of the dreaded jobs done like cutting the grass, washing and general domestic stuff and even managed good jobs like a couple of hours of dog training. Ive decided im going to train my contacts different with Zippy and in fact move the older dogs over to the new way too, I've initiated the very basic work and they have all taken to it extremely well, I think we will be well into the winter before we start putting it on the actual contacts.

On sunday dad and me managed to complete most of my 16 agility jumps and everyone is now painted with cups attached, we are in the middle of making our tyre jump but I'm hoping it will be completed by next week. Come November we will have a full set of agility equipment as my flat tunnel and see-saw are on order.

Good news is I have been offered a sponsorship by our local rugby team "Cov Tech" who have given me full access to one of their pitches to train on and they have even given me their storage container to keep my equipment in, I get to pick the keys up this saturday (or dad will as I'm at an agility show) and can start using it straight away, it's come at such a good time as the winter training season is fast approaching, Zippy and me can start our basic agility training in preparation for our puppy class that starts in October, Jackie has already started basics with Speedy so I best catch up, don't want to be left behind.

Hopefully Emma will be able to bring Maisy down on a regular basis and get some decent training in over the winter, Ellen and Kathryn your very welcome to too.

Anyway enough of that, I've got some congratulations to give out.

Well done to Amy and Summer who have qualified for Crufts in breed, Summer won her class today at Bournemouth, definitely well worth the trek for that !!!

Huge congratulations to Ellen and Hamish, gaining a first in jumping and 2nd in agility at Milton Keynes at the weekend, keep up the good work and good luck for your YKC jumping crufts qualifier this weekend, I will see you there.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ginger Nuts

Now known as the "Ginger Nuts" this pair are just mad, I caught Ronny and Zippy having sprint races up and down the field today in the pouring rain whilst out on our walk, I could tell the dogs were ready for a good blast around the field and all five went off like rockets, they always seem to enjoy it more in the rain probably as they know they will get their towel dry at the end, the wetter they are the longer it takes !!!

This weekend hasn't turned out quite liked I planned, we were supposed to be at Scunthorpe for agility but after much chasing up, it appears they never received my entries and subsequently I haven't been entered. I guess that's the thing about postal entries, you just got to hope it gets there, apparently you need proof of postage to complain, who does that ???

Anyway I suppose there is no point in sulking about it, I've got lots to get on with, I've just received lots of jump cups that I need to screw onto my jumps so that will take a few hours, no doubt the dogs will want a good walk and shopping and lunch with mum is a must !!!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Great results

Lots of great results from the weekend, Keisha is running really well at the moment and has gained another 2nd place in her agility on saturday, during the round we took a really long line on a jump which cost us that vital 1st place just missing it by a few tenths of a second.
Kody had a good day, he just knocked a pole in his jumping but ran really really well, he even got his weaves spot on and he did the tyre with no problems at all, considering they were both the problem areas I couldn't ask for anything more.

Today has been a lovely day all round, great weather, lots of friends to catch up with and best of all great results. Keisha, Zippy and Pudsey have all qualified for Crufts, Keisha won her class with a really lovely critique. Pudsey had a 2nd in his class and reserve best dog.

Reno won his class and then went on to get best puppy, a truly brilliant result as it was Natalie's first ever breed show, huge congratulations to both of you, which means two Ronny puppies have qualified for Crufts :)

Other results of the day - Lisa got Best Dog ticket with Chase, Jan won BOB with Cher and then went on to win best veteran in show, I cant remember anymore so sorry if I've missed anyone.
After all the hard work I then took the dogs for a well deserved run across the racecourse, the huge puddles of water and the extra thick mud always make it more enjoyable, its just a shame they come back smelling so bad !!!