Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Kody watched his big brother at the weekend and has decided he wants to be like him, he's started his contact training this morning and is already doing it at the speed of lightening. I think we will have to invest in a harness for Kody as when he is up and running he won't be able to borrow Ronny's. Mind the speed he is growing at I don't think Ronny's will fit him for much longer.

Packington Agility Show

Who would of thought that this weekend would have been the best ever. We were doing agility at Packington Show in the most awful weather, non stop rain with gail force winds. It was Keisha's first competition back after being spayed so we went with just the hope of getting her fitness back. Ronny is one of those dogs that is all or nothing, mainly nothing, so we always go with the hope of getting him around clear.

Well that's it, our dogs must like the bad weather! Ronny had a cracking day, he had a clear in his agility, the first class of the day, it wasn't the smoothest, I think he's been watching too many of those collies, he's started to do those turns in front of the jumps, we got to the last jump and there he was just twisting and twisting, I kept shouting go on go on and prayed he would clear it, he did, 2nd place, brilliant!
Then Keisha was next up in jumping, never placed below 20th in jumping, I think she must have been eating Ronny's breakfast, fantastic clear round and ended up placing 13th.
Then never in a million years did I ever think Ronny could get 2 clears in the same day, he just proved me wrong, Ronny had the most amazing run in his jumping class Graded 3-5, ran it perfect and was really tuned in to me, he really showed what a talented dog he is, 1st place with a crowd that just cheered and cheered. It must of been for that ice cream with a flake I promised him !!!!!!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Nuneaton Flyball Show

Good news! Ronny and Keisha have now found a new flyball team to run with 'Brickyard Bandits' along with our existing pals from Leamington, Emma with Maisey and Amy with Dylan. Ronny and Maisey used to run together in the Leamington Royals and Keisha and Dylan were buddies in the Leamington Hurricane's team.
Our first competition was today but sadly without Keisha as she is still currently on rest from being spayed.
Today we were put in Division 1 against the fastest teams of the day and we were in for the hardest racing ever.
The team consisted of Dylan, Maisey, Ronny and Diesel as pictured above along with Keisha who just wouldn't stay out of the photo and what a fantastic start for our new team. Our fastest recorded time of the day was 20.74 and there is great scope for improvement as our cross overs were not the tightest. With Dylan and Diesel being new young dogs to the team we had to use today's competition as a good training exercise, we shuffled the dogs around to find out who crossed well with each other and came to our best running formula in the afternoon when we gained our fastest time.
We had a brilliant day, sadly we didn't get into the rosette placings but we have achieved great things today and that seed time of 19.07 of the Leamington Royals is looking very achievable.
Pictured below is the new Brickyard Bandit team as of now. Ronny, Keisha, Dylan and Maisey.

News Update

Unfortunately the Leamington Royals flyball team has been disbanded and will no longer be running together. Thank you for a brilliant time and our best time of 19.07 recorded at Portway will be a hard time to beat. We wish all the dogs and handlers success in the future.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Today the doggies were full of beans after having a day of rest yesterday, we decided to take them for the castle walk to get their silly energy out. The dogs thought it was brilliant, there is always different stops on the walk to entertain them, the lake is there favourite one, Ronny and Keisha always dive straight in, Kody on the other hand just likes to stick his legs in.
We are in for a peaceful night tonight, the dogs are just settling down and we have earned our self a nice cup of tea.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Today we are just going to have a relaxing day ready for the weekend. Keisha has been spayed so is currently on rest, Ronny on the other hand is doing agility on Saturday and then flyball on Sunday, so going to be a fun packed weekend.
It looks like it is going to rain today so we have completed our jobs and having a relaxing snack in the garden.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Kody had his second agility lesson yesterday at Hinckley, he learn't the flat tunnel, at first he wasn't keen but after the first time that was it, try stopping him now!
I cant believe how quick he is at learning new skills, he's gonna be just like Ronny and Keisha.
Picture is of Kody practicing the rigid tunnel at home.

Shrewsbury Agility Show

We were at Shrewsbury on Sunday 4th May competing in agility. Unfortunatly Keisha didnt manage to get any clear rounds but is running so much better, alot faster than when she first started, so much so, I didnt quite judge her speed right when she was comming out of the tunnel and nearly ended up running into her, Keisha gave me the "Do you know what your doing look" and ignored me and carried on with the correct course.
Ronny on the other hand was a nightmare, he started off well by getting a clear in his jumping class but unfortunatly it wasnt the smoothest run and at times I made him do those collie turns in front of jumps, he is not as forgiving as Keisha!
His agility round was brilliant, well at least until the last but one jump when he knocked the pole down!!! He would have won by half a second and won into Grade 4. Never mind there is always next time.
We went to Vyne on monday but not a great day for Ronny, didnt have a clear and decided he had forgotten what contacts were, oh and that I was suppost to tell him where to go!
Keisha was good tho, she managed a 22nd in Jumping, it was a good round but I messed her up near the weaves so we wasted a bit of time.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Nige and me took our mob up to Jans on tuesday so we could get Ronny's hips scored. Ronny's hips look good so we just got to wait for the results to come through now, whilst we were at Jans we managed to get some nice pics of the dogs which I have added to the blog further down the page.
Kody had his first agility lesson yesterday at Hinckley with Nige, he was really good and Nige said he is really fast and on some occassions managed to catch him and snatch his toy from out of his hand, ive told Nige he will have to invest in some rocket shoes too!!!

Flyball trophy

Great news! I attended our annual AGM for Leamington Dog training club on Thursday and was very pleasently suprised when Keisha was awarded the flyball trophy for our club this year.
Keisha has been racing with the Leamington Hurricanes since she came out last September, with circumstances changing at the club Keisha will be running with the Leamington Royals which is our top team from now on, no pressure there then, she finally gonna be racing with her big brother Ronny!