Monday, 28 February 2011

Happy 5th Birthhday Keisha

Happy Birthday Keisha 5 Today

Friday, 25 February 2011

Layering was the theme this week

Training at club last night was based on layering, the first sequence was sending to weaves whilst layering the rigid tunnel, it was a tricky set up as the tunnel was quite a distance away from the weaves, obstacle 11 was also strategically placed between 5 and 6 to encourage elimination (I felt anyway, lol) it was a good test of sending them on to the weaves from a distance and getting the entry all on their own. Initially Zippy and me found it quite hard, although he was getting his entry I was always finding myself in an awkward position, either too far past the tunnel so I wasn't actually layering it or too far this side of the tunnel which was making me either static or moving away too quick, which then subsequently seemed to pull Zippy out of the weaves. We finally got it right once I realised I just needed to support Zippy by leaving my arm out rather than dropping it once he got the entry.

The second sequence was layering the DW, this was so much more our thing, with Zippy having a reliable contact point (and I intend to keep it this way) I knew we could both power to the end with him stopping and allowing me to run on a little to get further up the course to prepare for a jump that was in a difficult position. This seemed to work really well and if there is an opportunity to try it out in competition im going to give it a go.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Training so far ........

I always get the train to and from work which allows me plenty of thinking time each day, whilst everyone else is reading the morning paper or listening to their music I sit there quietly and reflect on what is happening or happened recently. It's usually to do with my dogs and this last week has been no different. Now the winter training is nearing the end, 6 weeks before the season starts, yippee, I wanted to be sure I have completed all my training goals, which I think I have.

Now I want to push Zippy a bit more, we have been working on the combination of tunnel under the DW and tunnel under the A-Frame, something that I had been avoiding, im not sure why. Fingers crossed training is going quite well, it's a good combination to understand why it is important to have obstacle discrimination.

Now we have all our skills in place (I think) the plan over the next 6 weeks is just to confirm and polish them up. I cant wait for the season to start !!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

We are going to the BSD World Champs

Yesterday was the final selection day for the BSD WC qualifier. For some strange reason I didn't feel the pressure that I normally do, probably due to the fact that I was so tired after all the hours I have worked recently and it was a nice feeling being able to compete with my dogs again. So after an early start we arrived with plenty of time to get a nice walk in the country park before it all began. Keisha was bursting with enthusiasm which made my job alot easier.

Well the day went brilliantly, Keisha had 4 out of 4 clears gaining a 1st, 2 x 2nds and a 3rd. Which means we have qualified for both the individual and the team event. This year it is being held in Belgium in June, I can't wait, I even booked the time off work for it today, yippee !!!

So my beautiful little girl has done me proud again, how lucky am I to have such a loyal (squeaky) little dog that is such a joy to run, thank you Ratty, I love you xxx

So the Team this year :

Individual and Team:

Jo Hyslop and Keisha
Dave Leach and Rusty
Gill Raddings and Check
Louise Challis and Delta


Claire Bacon and Emmy
Andy Brown and Thor
Tony Parmiter and Poppy
Helen Brown and Zeus

Well done guys, see you all at training.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nearly work again.

I cant believe it's nearly monday again, all my time seems to be spent at work, last week I was late home on most nights and im anticipating this week to be no different. I know it will be worth it on pay day but at the moment I feel like I just need a good rest.

I have tried to chill out this weekend, I took Zippy training this morning and he was a really good boy, we practiced layering, weave entries and the tunnel next to the DW scenario, his layering was spot on, his weave entries were generally good but the tunnel next to the DW proved to be very difficult for us, we haven't practiced this before but eventually I got him to ignore the tunnel, im going to try and set it up at home and maybe next time we will have a fighting chance.

Ronny also worked this morning, he did crack the tunnel /DW scenario which just goes to show he can ignore those tunnels when he wants too, his layering was good but we get to practice that quite alot as I am never in a position to close him down on a course.

Well next sunday is the second selection day of the BSD World Champs, I took Keisha to FCI training last night and also club training this morning, she ran reasonably well at both but we have adopted a problem with our weaves, she keeps coming out of the last two, im not sure why, ive been given a few tips to try which I did put into practice at the end of the session which seem to help, not a good time to get training issues !!!