Monday, 13 August 2012

Adams Agility Show

Pick of KCI Festival or Adams ??? I choose Adams, this is one of my favourite shows and very local to me too which obviously is a bonus, I have found in the past the the KCI Festival is just too big, your always miles away from the rings and it just doesn't have that nice relaxing feel to it.

Anyway I think we choose well, another good weekend for the boys well in the end anyway :-) We went friday morning just for a couple of runs before I had to dash off to work, to be honest I wish I didn't bother as we got eliminated in pretty much all of the rounds. Saturday and Sunday were much better.

Zippy won the G6 Agility and the C4-7 Jumping and Ronny came 3rd in G7 Jumping and also managed another fantastic run but just missed the placings on sunday, the boys are running well and im absolutely chuffed to bits with them, a couple of handling errors by me over the weekend to ruin some of the boys rounds but all in all I think we are working well as a team. Keisha was on rest this weekend and is not back competing until mid September now so she can have a good recovery period.

Couple of pictures off the montage I had done of Ronny and Zippy in action.

Huge huge huge congratulations to Emma and Rupert for winning Grade 5 Agility and zooming straight into G6, I knew you would do it :-)

Monday, 6 August 2012

This is crazy !!!

So this weekend we were at WBSDS and Oswestry Show, love this show, great venue, great exercise area, great atmosphere and great people, will def go again next year.

I ring managed on saturday so didn't get much opportunity to see my dogs but boy they were brilliant when I did, Ronny won the ABC qualifier, unfortunately Zippy had a pole but he ran a really lovely round. Zip then went on to win the G6 Jumping and Keisha got 3rd in C6-7 Jumping.

Sunday was a bit hectic as 3 out of the 4 classes all came up at the same time, I was shattered running 8 runs in the space of 30 mins, good fitness training :-)

Ronny won G7 Jumping and Keisha finished 2nd behind him, Zippy won the G6 Jumping in the same class, we were very greedy !!! Zippy also got 2nd in G6 Agility and 2nd in the ABC Jumping. I can honestly say we had a fantastic weekend and my boys are working really well for me at the moment, I hope it continues :-)

I love the pic above of Ronny and a young Zippy, there are like two peas in a pod.