Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Last day at work tomorrow

Tomorrow is my last at day work before we set off for a weekend of agility. This week we are in Grantham for the Dog Vegas Show, it's Zippy's first Grade 4 so im very excited, what makes it even better is that it is a three day show so lots of agility fun for us this weekend. 
Tonight we have been at training, Zippy was really good and seems to have found yet another gear, he has recently been jumping a few contacts (due to me rushing him) so we did nothing but hold them all night. Keisha had a good class, this hard, naggy, twisty stuff is really suiting her, hopefully we will have a few more tuff courses this weekend.

Good Luck to anyone competing this weekend, especially to those in the Champ Class.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Weekend Results

Lot's of good results this weekend, on saturday we were chasing the Adams Derby qualifier but sadly Zippy had a naughty round and jumped his DW contact and then spooked on the see-saw (not sure why), Kody had a lovely round but just missed out by one place finishing 5th (bummer).

After that it seemed to go very well, Ronny had a great day, no clears but really excellent runs, Keisha had a great agility class to finish 3rd and Kody ran well in his jumping but we took a wide turn and that was enough to knock us out of the placings. Zippy ran a brilliant jumping class to finish 1st and had an excellent agility run over a really tricky course to finish 4th.

Today has been another great day, Keisha gained 2nd in jumping, Kody had 3rd in his jumping and also qualified for the ABC so im thrilled to be taking two dogs to the semi's, YIPPEE.

Zippy ran well this morning gaining 5th in agility but struggled this afternoon, he was distracted by other dogs running in the next ring which made him loose concentration and causing him to back jump, I suppose its his way of saying im still a young dog so dont expect too much !!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Productive Day

Today has been a very productive one, I was on a course today which finished early allowing me to get home just after lunch, the dogs have enjoyed an afternoon of walkies and of course the all important slogger, they are all currently fast asleep which is allowing me a well deserved rest and a mess about on the computer.

This picture is appropriate, the dog on the right looks just like Puddy, I have spent 2 hours brushing all the dogs today with the end result of a full carrier bag, it always amazes me how they can loose so much hair and still have plenty more to shed the following day.

This weekend we are going to two different shows, saturday we are off to Adams Agility in the hope Kody or Zippy might qualify for the Adams Derby and sunday we are at Empingham in the hope Ronny, Kody or Zippy might qualify in the ABC qualifier, im not holding my breath as when we chase qualifiers we never seem to do any good. Thankfully Keisha has already qualified so I will probably be naughty and use her round for training.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Timing issue's

This weekend we have had some timing issue's, saturday being the worst day, out of my 12 runs I managed 11 eliminations, it has probably been the worst weekend for us this year but in some sort of way im glad it has happened. Still it wasn't all bad, the other 12th run on saturday happened to be a clear round and by RONNY, yay !!! He ran a superb run in the C6-7 agility Crufts Qualifier, picking up a great weave entry followed by a stop on his dog walk before a tunnel and then ended with a real tight box work sequence, I was so so so chuffed with him.

Today was much better, although Ronny didn't go clear he has ran like a star all weekend, just an odd pole or a missed weave entry but some fantastic contacts and some really good listening ears. Keisha had a better day, 13th in her G6 agility and a lovely run in the C6-7 agility this afternoon. Kody ran a great agility to finish 4th and a nice jumping to get 10th. Little Zip and me struggled this weekend, our timing has been off for most of it, some silly mistakes by me and the odd inexperienced moment by Zip but we finished on a great run in the C1-4 jumping to get 7th.

So lots to practice this week, well for me anyway, the dogs are ok they just need to train their mum. Hopefully next weekend will be much better.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Brain storming

What a change in the weather, I guess it was a bit much to ask for continuous sun all summer, anyway, I managed to get some training in tonight before the heavens opened, we worked on sprint endurance (slogger) it always seems to keep the dogs interested chasing a ball whilst they get a beast of a workout. Tomorrow morning I think we will do the same, that way they have the rest of thursday and all day friday to rest before the agility show.

So this weekend we are at Rugby, its a nice local show with just a 20min drive, Kody and Zippy are in their winning out period so im planning on holding their contacts a bit longer than usual, Keisha still has tendencies to ping hers so the plan is to hold hers too. The jumping rounds will be aimed at speed and if possible working the dogs at distance, im guessing that might not be possible with Ronny and Keisha in their classes but we can only hope.

Anyway, now im half way through our season I have been thinking of what I would like to achieve in winter training, maybe its a bit soon but with getting the train to and from work each day it allows me plenty of thinking time. Ive started to write a couple of ideas down and im currently researching a few techniques that I might use on my own dogs, with Zippy being my baby dog his list is far bigger than the others.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Kody go's Grade 6

My dogs just make me so proud to be their mum. Yet again they have all ran well and picked up some great results. Kody was running in his first G5 show this weekend but it has been short lived as he won the agility class this morning. I love the fact that he never lets me down on his contacts (unless I release him to early) and he always tries so hard even when he lacks confidence at times.

Keisha has been a little star, 2nd in G6 jumping yesterday and a really lovely run in C6-7 Jumping today to finish 4th, the courses are so tricky with horrible weave entries and really naggy twisty lines which is just spot on for Keisha. The problem im currently having is Keisha is back to jumping contacts, I got told off today by Yvonne Croxford as it was me that forced her off in one of the classes (sorry Yvonne !!!) I MUST WORK HARDER.

Zippy is running so well at the minute, 2nd in jumping and a 5th in agility yesterday and then today he got another 5th in agility and ran a really super jumping round but knocked the last pole (Ronny all over !!!)

But I want to say a massive massive CONGRATULATIONS to Emma and Maisy who won into Grade 2 yesterday, a very well deserved result and if that wasn't enough she went and won the jumping again today. I am so pleased for you and it was about time.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Training Plan

So it's been a hard week for my brain, im trying to plan future training sessions for Zippy but there is just so much to do.
I'm in the dilemma of asking him to tighten up around the course already, is it too soon, I wanted him to power at everything in sight to reinforce the go on and not become a cling-on, but now I keep telling myself "you have to do it sometime" and now is probably a good time.

So.......... I think I have agreed with myself to stay away from teaching him tight pull in's and push throughs but concentrate on tight wing wraps and turns. Grade 4 doesn't usually have to many tricky turns etc etc so im hoping he will maintain his speed and drive out for the next obstacle. I think I will work on that for the next month or so and then review our progress and see if we are ready to move on.

In relation to the other dogs, I think im just gonna keep plodding on, keep their confidence high and just work on the issues that arise the week before, for Ronny either super glue the poles to the wings or enter him at small height !!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Zippy Go's Grade 4

I'm loving the Dashin Dogs Show, lovely weather (most of the time) a great camping pitch right on the front row so we could watch all the rings and an extremely good weekend of results, well for most anyway, let's just say Ronny reminds me it's not all good !!!

Keisha, Kody and Zippy have had a really great weekend, Keisha won the G6 Agility and then followed it up with a 4th in agility and a 3rd in jumping. We also got our horrible weave entries back, I knew I shouldnt of doubted her, ooopps !!!

Kody who is becoming my very reliable boy ran like a star all weekend, 1st and 2nd in agility and 1st and 3rd in Jumping, im so pleased his weaves are back on form, it was definitely a nice way to finish his last Grade 4 Show.

Zippy......... I love him, I really enjoy running him at the minute, this weekend we had some really great runs and I feel like we are finally starting to click with each other. He won his first class of the day on Saturday which was agility, he then went on to get 2 x 4th in jumping today, what im really chuffed with is in every class he did one footed weaves.

Zippy and Maisy also did Knockout pairs on saturday, we made it to the 2nd round which we were really pleased with, although we both got a clear in the 2nd round, the other team just beat us.

Well done to Emma and Maisy, some really great runs during the weekend I cant wait until next time.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Use it or loose it

This training malaki is never ending, it appears Keisha has forgotten how to hit those nasty weave entries which is a shame as she is usually my best dog at getting those weave horrors.

I guess looking back we haven't actually worked on our entries since the winter and the ones she did with ease at the beginning of the year she can no longer do, I have re-posted Keisha's training back in January to inspire me and make me get my bum back in to gear and do some training !!! I guess use it or loose it is very true in this case.

Anyway talking about weaves, Zippy was a very good boy last night at training and did one footed weaves all night, what a break through, hopefully we will see more of them in competition and maybe one day he will be like his daddy.

So this weekend we are off to Dashin Dogs, I do enjoy this show and hopefully (touch wood, fingers crossed etc etc) the doggies will run well. Good luck to everyone competing in the ABC at Tuffley this weekend, hopefully the Belgians will get all the qualifying spots !!!