Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Zippy goes Grade 7

Well not much has been happening over the last month as the weather has been so pants, alot of the shows got cancelled and we decided to give up and go early at Tuffley as the venue was so muddy and I didn't want my dogs getting injured.

So over the last few weeks we have been to two shows, the first as Adams, I love this show, quite local and set in a lovely venue and it always has a really nice atmosphere, no clears for Ronny but Zippy had 2 nice runs to finish 3rd and 5th, he had a great agility round but just got e'd by entering the wrong end of the tunnel, bummer !!!

Good news about Keisha, vet is happy for her to keep running in the jumping classes so she stays fit and healthy, sometimes she miss times her weaves but we just run past them if that happens and don't worry about it. Her jumping is going really well and she looks like she is having fun again.

So this weekend we were at Dog Vegas, another good show for us as Keisha won into G7 there last year, I always try and go to the shows where we do well as in my head the dogs must enjoy running there !!!! :-)

Well it proved to be a really great place for the dogs to run. Ronny won G7 agility by over 3 seconds and got 2nd and a 5th in jumping, he is such a clever old boy, I can not believe how much more consistent he has got this year, love him x

Keisha was brilliant, for a "broken" dog (lol) she got a 1st and 2 x 2nd places, so much enthusiasm and she was loving running again after having a while off competing, she did get her weaves wrong in one class but we just carried on and ran past them as if they weren't in the course.

But the star of the show was little Zippy, he did a brilliant jumping round to get that last win to G7 :-) after that he was flying and won two more classes and got a 3rd in agility to confirm that he is more than ready for G7.

I am so looking forward to the rest of the year, I have just entered Ronny and Zippy in the Champ Class at Chippenham in October, how very exciting !!!!