Sunday, 30 November 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend my rest days have fell on a weekend for once. Mum and me had a well deserved day of shopping followed by a fantastic meal on saturday evening. I haven't been able to do that for ages.
This morning I took Ronny and Kody to agility training. Kody had his first proper training session with me and I am pleased to say it went very well. Kody hasn't learnt weaves yet but our trainer Yvonne Croxford showed me a great way of teaching him them. I have never come across it before but it works great, lots of practicing for us now.
Ronny also had a good session, we are going back to basics with his contacts, although he generally hits them, he never really stops on them, especially when that TUNNEL is staring at him !!!!

Keisha who was on a well deserved rest joined Pudsey for a good plod in the park, Pudsey is growing so fast and the amount of energy he has is unbelievable.

I found this clip of Ronny and Keisha playing a few years back, nothing has changed, they still play as manic but have Kody and Pudsey dangling off them.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Puppies nearly 5 weeks old

I can't believe how quickly the puppies are growing, by the look of them they are starting to get their characters and I don't doubt for one minute they are going to be toy mad!!!!!!!

I stole these pictures from the Witherbark Belgian site, they own the mum Chamonix. Thanks for the great pictures Lisa.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Keisha goes Grade 4

This show is definitely one I will be attending again. Last year Ronny won into Grade 3, this year Keisha wins into Grade 4.

She was great, she flew so fast over the dog walk I didn't think she was ever going to stop, but she did, hit that contact spot on.

She has become such a wonderful little dog and I always look forward to running her. If her winning out wasn't enough, she then went on to do a great jumping round and finished 2nd.

Ronny also had a good day, although he didn't go clear he ran a lovely agility round just knocking the last but one pole, his jumping round was equally as good but stupid me didn't commit my body language and ended up getting him eliminated, guess what, on the last but one jump. Next year I will be working on just getting him over the DREADED last but one jump !!!!!

I have had the best day ever, both my doggies ran very well and I have come home a very proud mummy.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Puppies at nearly 4 weeks

The puppies will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly it is going.

The puppies are looking great, I heard from Lisa in the week who told me that they had been swimming in the water bowl, already taking after their mum and dad, I think these ones are definitely going to be water babies!!!!!!!

Most of the puppies will be going to agility homes which is great news, people who know Ronny will certainly agree they are definitely up for the job.

There are still a couple of puppies that are looking for a working home, if you are interested then please contact Jan or myself.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Newton Heath Agility Show

This saturday we are going up north to compete in the Newton Heath agility show. It's going to be an early start as we are leaving at 5.30am. Mum is coming along to help with the dogs and we have decided that we will buy lunch at the venue as neither of us fancy doing sandwiches at 5.00am.
I must admit I have missed agility since the summer season has finished, so I cant wait to get my running shoes back on for the day.
Ive got good memories of this show as last year Ronny won out of grade 2, if you told me then, that a year on he would be in grade 4, I would have never of believed it.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Bandits and Bullets

Yesterday the Bandits raced at Newark, it was the first indoor show of the season and I had forgotten how noisy it is !!!!!!!

We started the morning loosing the first two races, but finished winning the third. We had many drama's in the morning, Ronny dropped his ball on the way back and in his good normal style not wanting to leave it, went back to collect it which resulted in him and Maisy crashing and taking a jump out. Neither of them were bothered and carried on, only being stopped by the judge who authorised a re-run. Then following on from that in the next race, Smartie our new dog finished the last jump and ran in the wrong direction as he is still learning, which resulted in Keisha the next dog to run crashing in to him and taking the start gate out. Amazingly she wasn't bothered either !!!!!!!
As the dogs were stealing all the lime light, dad thought it was only fair if he stole it for a moment, letting Ronny go at the start before the lights had even activated, giving us a massive false start. You can imagine how much stick he got from us for that !!!!!!!!!

By the afternoon session we had it all to play for, the fourth race went 2-2 and was on the last leg to decide who would win, unfortunately our box broke and mum had to feed the ball on the other side of the box which totally through Keisha out and we lost the leg by a whisker. We won the last race in style after borrowing another team's box, Smartie ran fantastically well and the team recorded their fastest time of the day with 20.02
We had a fantastic day and I cant wait until we race again in January as our new team of Brickyard Bullets will be out !!!!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Newark Flyball

On saturday we have our first indoor competition of the season. Smartie (Brickyard Baby) will be joining the team for his first outing to see how he copes with the noise and surroundings. It's very hard for a new green dog to adapt to flyball especially when it is indoors as the atmosphere is twice as loud, and flyball is incredibly loud.

Hopefully we will get the dogs running well and a possibility of a new PB might be on the cards. This will be the last show with just the Brickyard Bandits competing as Summer, Smartie and Kody will be racing in the next competition.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Water doggies

Finally a day of rest, it was a nice feeling just being able to be at home and not have anything planned. The dogs didn't allow me to rest too long though, they were standing at the back door with their noses pressed up against it, hurrying me along to take them out.

I decided to take some of the toys Ronny had won from the Dash and Splash a few months back to see how they would cope with four monsters pulling them about.
Swimming is one of the dogs favourite things and with three good size pools of water to pass it was always going to be a wet walk. Although Kody and Pudsey wont swim yet they don't mind sticking their legs in and joining in the fun.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Puppies at 2.5 weeks old

I have been up to Lincoln today to visit Jan, Lisa and Chris, and also see the puppies. I set off this morning at 8.30am and arrived a few hours later, it has been a long day but a great one at that. Ive just got back and thought I would post the pictures of the puppies before I get off to bed.

The puppies have all got there eyes open and are starting to walk about, well in some sort of fashion, they are just the most adorable things!!!!!!
Mum Chamonix is looking great and is doing a wonderful job.
There is a little bitch that is just sooooo pretty, would be great for a show home, the other bitch is more darker and bigger but is also very pretty.

The boys are lovely, Chris has named one "Speedy" and there is another one that has adopted the name of "stroppy" for now, it's going to be a very hard choice I can tell.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Puppies at 2 weeks old

Here are the puppies at 2 weeks old.

Lisa informs me that one of them has got its eyes all the way open, the others are nearly there but are just more of a squint at the moment.

I'm going up to visit Jan, Lisa and Chris on tuesday and of course have a look at my potential Zippy !!!!!!
I will take lots of pictures and post them on the blog when I get back. There are still some puppies for sale that would be ideal for working homes.

Friday, 7 November 2008

It was a lovely sunny morning so it was a good time to take the dogs for a long walk around the castle grounds. Pudsey caught my eye today, he has grown so quickly and is like a little bullet. I have totally fallen in love with this puppy, he is just such a loving placid man with such character. Today the dogs spent most of their time in the water, it has rained a lot recently so there were lots of water to play in.

After some time out at the castle I have brought 4 very tired doggies home. They have just gobbled up their dinner and are now resting in the garden. I'm taking the dogs into work this afternoon as I'm on lates and the fireworks here are non stop. Keisha isn't too good with them and will start freaking if I leave her behind.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

After a busy summer competing in agility I can honestly say I haven't quite adapted to doing nothing at weekends, well other than work!

Thankfully next weekend we are at Newark competing in flyball, its our first one indoors as the winter season kicks off.
Ive been looking through my pictures and have found this great picture of Ronny in action.
It wont be long until Kody is out, his first starters competition is in January racing with Summer and Smartie and then another one in February. He is looking great and I think he will really love racing with his friends.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

YKC flyball team qualify for Crufts !!!!!!

Congratulations to the Brickyard Babies flyball team for qualifying for crufts today.

I was a very proud spectator today watching the team and I can honestly say I've got a very good feeling about this team at Crufts next year. I would like to say a special well done to Amy for handling Keisha, I know she can be a difficult dog and when she decided she didn't like the box loader you managed to regain her confidence and get her running down to get the ball.

Here is a clip that I managed to video, sorry for the distance but I was trying not to distract my doggies. Mind it didn't work, if you look carefully you will be able to see Keisha jumping the fence to come and see me.

The running order is Ronny, Maisy, Keisha and Diesel.