Tuesday, 6 November 2012


What fun we have had over the last 4 weeks, Rumble has settled in really well, I have also got used to him being so small and I think even the dogs know when he is stood underneath them :)
We have started puppy class, the first week he was brilliant but last week he was a monster and did very little of what I asked, it's amazing how much we take for granted from our big dogs being so well behaved.
Trick training is coming on very nicely, not only is Rumble learning tricks Zippy is joining in the fun too, I will try and get a little video of them soon.

This Saturday we are off to Barking Mad Agility Show, I haven't done winter shows for some years but seems as ive got a little one to socialise now I best make the effort, im sure the big boys wont mind !!!!

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