Monday, 15 October 2012

Time for a new challenge ..... Meet Rumble

So that's it the summer season has finished for us, unfortunately Chippenham Show got cancelled so no Champ for Ronny and Zippy but hopefully we will have a good winters training and come out fighting fit for next year.

So now it's training mode, we are currently doing very little but will start training again this week, although we haven't been doing anything for the last month or so we have been very busy at home.

So time for a new challenge ......................

Meet Rumble, my new puppy a Sprocker (springer x cocker). He is currently 9.5 weeks old and has settled in very well. I decided to get a different breed as I didn't want to have the same breed all my dog life, I know many of your responses have been of shock as you all thought I was going to get another Malinois but that would have been very boring !!!!
So I had been looking for sometime to get a smaller dog, im conscious Ronny is coming to the end of his agility career and with Keisha already semi retired it will only really leave Zippy in action, It's going to take sometime before Rumble gets on the agility scene so definitely the right time for a new puppy.
So a new challenge indeed, initially im finding it quite hard not to step on him, he is so small :-) I already know ive got a steep learning curve coming my way, he is so confident. I wanted a busy and robust dog that will be able to keep up with my Mali's but something that was smaller in size, he should be perfect :-)

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