Monday, 17 September 2012

Last month or so .....

Yet again ive been rubbish at updating this blog, oops !!!! So a quick catch up with what's been happening over the last month or so ......

We went to Tag Show mid August, I had entered a class called tunnel exchange so just assumed it was a class with lots of tunnels, perfect for Ronny and Zip, its only when I walked the class along with many others that it suddenly dawned on us that infact it was a class for one dog and two handlers and to exchange the running of the dog at the tunnel, oops I must read the schedule properly in future. Anyway, Rich was put under pressure, never having run a dog or actually done any agility whatsoever I managed to convince him to run Ronny and Zippy with me, I recipe for disaster possibly but it would be very entertaining .......

We ran Ronny first, Rich ran the first part and actually got Ronny round clear (amazing) I then took over to run him home, we actually went clear and finished 3rd !!! (must be beginners luck) ;-)
Zippy ran after but unfortunately he took a pole for Rich and one for me but he was a very good boy.

Ronny has been flying over the last few weeks, many top 5 placings in Grade 7 which im chuffed about, he has even got enough points for his agility warrant Gold now !!! Not quite finished his first agility book but only a few lines to go :-)

Zippy has been zooming along quite nicely, placing lots and he is looking so confident in him self, I do love running him and both Zip and Ronny are entered into the Champ at Chippenham in October.

We are off to Devon this weekend, initially going to a show but staying on for a weeks holiday after to hopefully enjoy some Rich and Doggie time, lots of plans to visit the beach and go on nice walks, maybe even a bit of crazy golf (without the dogs though otherwise they would just keep retrieving the ball).

Only two shows left before the season is finished then I guess we will have a nice rest and start hitting winter training in November, might be something on the arisen to keep me busy this winter too !!!!! ;-)

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